Childproofing & Safety

Childproofing is designing the environment where children live, play, and spend their time to prevent possible harm and taking related precautions in advance. It is a crucial matter that each parent should pay attention to. Here at Peekaboo, you can find childproofing and safety products to help you out!

What should be considered when choosing childproofing & safety?

Little ones are always active and they like discovering. And discovering can be in different ways; while babies crawl and check under tables or sofas, toddlers stand on their feet and see what’s around them. To keep babies safe and prevent them from getting injured, parents can think of safety partitioning walls. In this way, there will be a space that is designed by you. For example, parents can use these walls in the middle of the living room and put cushions and toys in them. The baby will have a space limited by the walls and will be protected. Related to these partitioning walls, they must sit firmly on the ground and not move. They must also not be heavy, in case they are not firm.

For toddlers, lockers and latches play an important role. These can also be used for different purposes. You can use them with doors, drawers, or cabinets in the kitchen, bathroom, or other areas. There are also cushions for corners and walls which are good to protect children. All of these ensure an environment that children cannot reach. For example, lockers can be used for drawers in which there are knives or lighters or for cabinets where they can find medicines or cleaners. Corner cushions should also be everywhere in the environment. They are perfect for children who like to run or jump while playing.

Childproofing also applies to cars. Parents should be careful when driving with their little ones. There are child seats that keep babies in place in the car. Parents can also consider using back seat car mirrors to follow their children. Although they are easy to install and have many advantages, these mirrors must be stable to prevent them from possible incidents.

What are the childproofing & safety brands?

Moon, Chuku, and Gibi offer many products for childproofing and safety. They have lockers, latches, and corner cushions to protect babies. Summer Infant has partitioning walls and gates to create an environment where little ones can spend their time and play without any danger. The back seat mirror of Royal Rascals is easy to install and has safety locks that give extra reliance to parents. From one product to another, you will find the one you need and create a place where childproofing is at its best.