Feeding Bottle Cleaning

Feeding bottles are essential to everyday life for parents. The bottles, teats, and other related accessories are their besties during the day and they need to be clean for the health of babies. Let’s see how we can clean these items and help you choose the most suitable accessories.

What should be considered when choosing feeding bottle cleaning?

There are many ways to clean feeding bottles, teats, and other accessories. Parents can prefer to boil them or to use steam sterilization. However, what is important is the items used while cleaning. First and one of the important items is the brushes. There are different types of brushes depending on the aim. For general cleaning, a big brush can be used and small ones can be used for the details and for small objects like teats. Imagine you are cleaning the bottle and the mouthpiece. It will be difficult to clean the small part with a big brush. There should also be a sponge to help clean and this sponge should not leave marks or scratches on the surface. 

The material is also an important subject. Cleaning brushes, sponges, and other accessories like drying racks must be made of a chemical-free material. In time, the chemical used can contaminate the bottle and pose some risks for babies. Depending on how you use them, they should be durable. As said above, some parents can prefer boiling for cleaning. The material used should add functionality. Thus, you can use one tool for multiple purposes. For example, a brush can consist of two parts. One part is the stable part which you may use to clean the inside of the bottle and the other part, which can be the top of the brush, can be elastic and used for cleaning the bottom of the bottle.

Parents should choose cleansers that are gentle on the material and protect their expected lifetime. The cleansers should also be chemical-free and environmentally friendly. Thanks to the new and improved formula, many cleansers are PH-skin-neutral and hypoallergenic. They should also be effective and fragrance-free.

What are the feeding bottle cleaning brands?

Munchkin, Tommee Tippee, and Dr. Brawn’s brushes are of good quality and give cleaning a new dimension. Munchkin also has products for cleaning the details. Tommy Boon and Kikaboo drying racks are perfect for after-cleaning time and stylish which makes them special. At Peekaboo, you can also find cleansers from Nuk which gives extra attention to the above-mentioned point. Check all the products and fill the shopping cart with the products which are good for both parents and babies.