Bathing Accessories

When your little one comes home for the first time, it is the parents’ decision to give a bath to make the baby clean and relax. The very first bath is really important as they are meeting the water. It is also challenging for parents to keep the baby safe in the water. That’s why the accessories you will use for this occasion should make your baby comfortable and also be useful for you. Learn more about the bathing accessories you can find at Peekaboo.

What should be considered when choosing bathing accessories?

Even if for some parents choosing good accessories may look like a struggle, it will be easy at Peekaboo thanks to the products we have for you. If you are going to buy products for your newborn, the first thing that comes to mind is the size of the bathtub. The bathtub should not be big for bathing, as we are also trying to keep the newborn safe. You can use a Baby Bath or a Deluxe Bather. These products are also helpful for parents because they have spaces that can be used to put the soap or the shampoo.  As their skin is sensitive and fragile, you should also pay attention to the sponge you are using.

You may think bathing is easy with toddlers. But remember, they are active; they may want to swim in the bathtub or they may want to catch the bubbles. Although you are having fun with your toddler, safety first! And we have Step Stool with Anti Slip Function which can be used as a small chair or a step to reach the mirror while brushing teeth. Toilet training is also very important for teaching a baby and a smooth training session should be fun for a toddler to learn quickly. 

What are the bathing accessories brands?

As we have learned about the key points, let’s discover the brands. Keeeper and Summer Infant have different kinds of baby baths which offer 3-position recline. Keeeper also has steps for toddlers in a double or single version and plus, it has toilet training sets. You can find soft bath puffs from Chicco and Ripple Standing Bath & Changing Table from Jikel.

You can add all these amazing bathing accessories next to the bathing wear in the shopping cart and make bathing fun and secure for your baby.