Oral Care

Every parent wants to make sure that their little baby’s smile will last a lifetime. Looking after their little teeth as soon as they grow can help your little one preserve that adorable smile they have had for a lifetime. You are not expected to perform a deep cleaning initially, but ensuring that your child is picking up the habit of brushing their teeth is as important as maintaining the oral care routine. The easiest and more efficient way to brush your baby's teeth is to sit them comfortably on your knee, with their head resting against your chest. With an older child, you can stand behind them and tilt their head backward. 

Don’t worry if you can’t get it right at the beginning, practice makes it perfect and Peekaboo is here to help you with any essential items you might need to get you started. 

What should be considered when choosing oral care?

Maintaining good oral care and dental health at the very beginning of your child’s growth will help shape their facial structure and make it easier for your children to talk, chew and eat. All in all great dental health will improve the life quality of your children for years to come. Additionally, it will also hold the spaces for their permanent teeth to come in at later stages. 

In addition to oral care, it is as equally important to make sure that your child is not consuming food that can cause long-term damage and decays on their teeth while also ensuring that they are consuming food that can support their bone density and teeth strength. In this way, you will be preventing plaque formation and any gum diseases. You can slowly massage your baby’s gums so that they can get used to the feeling of oral care. Peekaboo is here to fully support this new and special journey you and your little one gets to experience. Soft toothbrushes, electric brushes with batteries, electric brush replacements, fluoride-free toothpaste with enjoyable flavors, finger toothbrushes, and tooth huggers are some of the essential products Peekaboo provides to assist you in your tooth brushing battles with your little one. 

What are the oral care brands?

It is always important to check if there are any harmful properties when you are buying anything for your little ones. We understand the significance of offering clean and useful products for every family and we always work towards that goal. All the essential items Peekaboo offers are handpicked from reliable brands with extensive experience in dental and oral health. They are also designed and improved with your children’s health, well-being, and safety in mind. 

Start exploring all oral care brands Peekaboo is offering now!