Crafts,Hobbies & Activity Books

Crafts, activities, and hobbies allow children to express themselves in various ways and help them develop new skills. Want to know how? Dive into Peekaboo’s crafts, hobbies, and activity books category to find out!

What should be considered when choosing crafts, hobbies & activity books?

Different books related to crafts, hobbies, and activities help every child discover something about them. To get the best benefit from these books, parents’ first consideration is age. For a 2-year-old baby, a technology book can be a good learning resource. The baby can hear the sounds or see the images. Such a book can be a little simple for a 5-year-old child as the age requires some complex material. For example, bookmaking them solve the problems they encounter to finish a maze can be good depending on their age.

These books help children develop motor skills, which is another consideration. The activities in them both entertain and educate them in different ways. For example, coloring books are perfect for children to learn how to use their hands. While painting they need to be careful about the lines and they should decide which color they will pick. Craft books in which there are many handworks are also important for development. Children will cut pieces, glue them to different parts of the book and create something according to their taste. While doing this, both their eye-hand coordination and creative thinking will be developed. 

Hobby books, on the other hand, give children a lifelong exploring opportunity as they expand their horizons. There is an undiscovered world between the pages of hobby books and as children proceed step by step between the pages, they will gain some skills which will affect their lives. This consideration is really valuable because it guides children towards a better path to follow. Hobbies can teach children how to be patient, be careful, and how think critically. For example, gardening can be your child’s passion and this will make them patient as the seeds will turn into flowers in time. Parents should always try to understand what their children love and find ways to help them.

What are the crafts, hobbies & activity books brands?

To give parents an idea and show the best books, Peekaboo has lots of fun pages where you will find music, numbers, letters, and animals. Phidal, Baby Touch, and Feel, VTech has books on different themes. These books are also supported by technology which makes them more interesting. Wipe-clean and Fingerprint Activities educate children in different styles. And here is the good news: There are many books from Pop-Up Peekaboo!, which have many options for little ones who like surprises under every flop. It is the time for all of us to fill the bookshelves with Peekaboo and enjoy working on different crafts, hobbies, and activities.