Learning & Educational Toys

Learning through playing is always important in children’s development. Playing a game or with a toy creates a world where children think and create. In connection with learning through playing, toys are essential with their different colors, shapes, functions, or sizes. Let’s find out how to choose educational toys at Peekaboo and learn about how helpful they are for little inventors, astronauts, or artists.

What should be considered when choosing learning & educational toys?

The very first consideration is age-appropriateness. Depending on the age, toys can be different and provide benefits for babies and children. For example, a matching game where an item should be in its respective place can teach babies the shapes and also colors; or a puzzle can be helpful for a child of 6 and above in terms of problem-solving. For instance, a playset that has animals and sounds will be beneficial for the cognitive development of babies. As they listen and understand sounds, such toys or playsets can be good for their language skills. 

In terms of learning and education, toys should give babies and children the feeling of curiosity and that’s why they should promote the desire to explore. With games, they can understand the outside world and find their way to learn new things. Imagine that your little one is Dora the Explorer who is trying to understand how natural events are occurring while playing with Experiment Science Kits from Galt. Wouldn’t it be so good to see your little one discovering and understanding different subjects?

Social skills are one of the building blocks of development. They contribute to self-confidence, communication, emotional intelligence, etc. When considered from this point of view, toys should also promote social skills. A good example of such toys can be board games. They bring family members together and support communication. Friends playing a board game can learn to share ideas while also strengthening the relationship between them. Parents can also gain the advantage of them because you can create a connection between your children and understand them emotionally.

What are the learning & educational toys brands?

At Peekaboo, there are many toys of different brands, providing the above-mentioned aspect and more. While toys from Clementoni and Vtech help babies learn basics, Hape or VIGA encourage them to search. You can also find Essen, Pibi Baby, LeapFrog, or Fisher-Price whose toys will be the best friend of little ones. There is a big world where various toys are waiting to have their place in the cart. Let’s open them a place and enjoy playing and learning.