Frocks & Dresses

Whether you are an expecting couple or a parent who has already met their baby, you might wish to dress your little baby in a good style. So, dressing a baby is always important and there are some points that parents should consider while choosing a frock or a dress. Let’s learn more about these points and what Peekaboo has for little ones.

What should be considered when choosing frocks & dresses?

When it is all about fashion and buying a frock or a dress, the first point to consider is the age and the right size accordingly. Parents love to see their little ones as well-dressed and this must be comfortable for babies. Depending on the age of the baby, parents should try to find the right size, which is really important when buying a frock or dress. Too small ones will be tight for babies and will make them uncomfortable. Parents should also keep in mind that the small ones will be a challenge when changing diapers. The right size will be helpful when putting or taking off the dress.

Babies, especially newborns, have delicate skin and for this, the second point to consider is the fabric. Parents should go for the ones made of cotton, silk, or soy-based fabrics because they are gentle and perfect for babies' sensitive skin. These fabrics absorb moisture and allow the skin to breathe under the clothes. The risky ones are made from nylon and polyester which cannot absorb the moisture and regulate the body temperature; and which consequently can cause skin irritations. 

Functionality can be the third important point. It is related to such things as seasons or washability. Let’s address seasons first; babies can easily get hot or cold and choosing the right dress will protect them from being sick. For summer days, you can have short-sleeved dresses and for cold winter nights, you can have long ones, which are thick enough. Washability is another subject. Some baby frocks and dresses are only about fashion; not parents-friendly. Babies like to discover, walk, throw, etc. While doing all these activities, of course, the dress will get dirty and it should be fast to wash.

What are the frocks & dresses brands?

Peekaboo is organizing fashion shows for babies and little girls in each category. All the clothes, frocks and dresses are perfect the perfect fit for them. Organic Cotton and many others offer what you and your little one need. Let’s take a seat before the show, and jump between the category to find accessories.