Ride-Ons & Scooters

They see them rolling and they are loving it! Your little one will be the coolest kid in the room with their fancy ride. From fun rockers featuring their favorite Marvel characters, battery-powered BMW-style cars, and Range Rovers, Peekaboo offers ride-ons and scooters to address every style and taste out there. With their lavish designs and incredible life-like stylings, your little one can enjoy themselves while looking absolutely adorable. 

With Peekaboo’s ride-on and scooters, your little one should get ready to have an absolute blast. 

What should be considered when choosing ride-ons & scooters?

You might not have an idea about ride-ons and scooters right away, but we are here to find the one that your little one loves the most. Before you make a decision, there are a few important points you should take into consideration. Quality, safety, portability, and price are among these points to consider.

You can start with deciding on the wheels first. How many wheels you are looking for in your little one’s ride-on or scooter? You can have 2, 3, or 4-wheel ride-ons or scooters.

Lean-to-steer scooter models can help maintain your little one’s balance development while it also provides safety as it diminishes accidents. Ride-ons or scooters with low decks are good for stability as well. Especially if this is your little one’s first experience. Three wheels are also ideal for them to develop their muscles and reflexes. Models with 2 front wheels and 1 back wheel can provide the support they need. Adjustablity; wheel size, comfort, features, and weight capacity are among the other features you might want to take into consideration while doing your research.

Last but not least, always remember how fast your little one grows. They soon outgrow their fancy toy and you would end up paying so much money for a toy you would probably sell or find a new owner for. Depending on your budget, Peekaboo has various options you and your little one would absolutely love.

What are the ride-ons & scooters brands?

Peekaboo offers colorful and fun ride-ons, and scooters with top quality, and safety from world-renowned brands. Some of the well-known brands we offer for ride-ons and scooters are; Little Tikes, Smoby, Megastar, Hauck, and Xiamen. You can find many other options to pick from. Your little adventurer will look forward to taking their brand new toy on its first ride without a doubt. 

From fancy ATVs to three-wheel motorcycle ride-ons to fancy Bentleys and breezy fun scooters, your kid is ready to hit the roads!