Blankets, Wrappers, Swaddles & Sleeping Bags

Sleeping is one of the most important factors that affect babies’ development. It is the time when babies are calm and relaxed. Blankets, swaddles, or sleeping bags are the essentials that help babies sleep comfortably and if you are looking for one, we encourage you to read on to make your choice among the wide range of products at Peekaboo!

What should be considered when choosing blankets, wrappers, swaddles & sleeping bags?

When looking for a good blanket, wrappers, swaddles, and sleeping bags, parents need to bear in mind that the purpose-age duo and the material used are critical; because they affect babies and consequently their bedtime. A good cover that will make little ones comfortable while sleeping should be decided according to the purpose and correspondingly the age. For example, the blanket, swaddle or sleeping bag used for cold days should keep newborns warm and comfortable; but not be heavy.

Although newborns are small in size, their sleeping bags should be a little bigger so that they can move their hands and feet. Age is also a matter for kids who don't like to sleep under a blanket. As parents, you are always thinking about their health and depending on their age. That’s why you should prefer large ones which can cover them even if they want to kick off their blanket.

Fabric is another choice-affecting factor. Regardless of your baby’s age; the blanket, wrapper, swaddle, or sleeping bag you chose should be light, cotton, and soft. Such fabric provides warmth without bulk and ensures breathability. It is also good for moisture, meaning good perspiration. The fabric is also important for parents because it should be durable despite being washed a lot in the machine. 

What are the blankets, wrappers, swaddles & sleeping bags brands?

At Peekaboo, we assure you that you will find different types, colors, sets, and products when it is about bedtime. In this subcategory, we have Tommy Lise, 4moms, Summer Infant, Little Unicorn, aden + anais, and Kinder Valley. We also have Disney and Warner Bros. characters ready to sleep next to your baby. All these brands and their products are perfect for babies, as their aim is to make them comfortable and warm while sleeping. But for parents? We have various options for sets from Moon. 

All you have to do is decide on the color and buy one or two or more for your sleeping beauty.