Bouncers, Rockers & Swings

Sometimes finding a safe place for a newborn or a baby can be a little challenging for parents when they need a little break from the daily activities, or as we all know that little ones are always active and like to explore things around them. A bouncer, rocker, or swing might be the savor both for the parents and the babies. Let’s find out how Peekaboo can guide you while choosing and what brands you can find.

What should be considered when choosing bouncers, rockers & swings?

Safety is a key subject that should be parents’ first priority. To discuss safety, there are some points to be considered. Straps that keep babies in place are one of them. They should be strong, durable, and comfortable as babies will sometimes be moving in the compartment. If you are looking for a swing, parents should pay attention to the attachment part that connects the swing with the ceiling. This part, especially for the jumper style, should be strong enough to carry the baby. Another point is the weight limit. Weight and size limits are always good to be considered, as they try to keep babies as secure as possible. When the baby exceeds the limits, it will be difficult to carry them. 

Comfort can be the second priority that makes babies relax. In order to be comfortable, bouncers, rockers, or swings should be well padded. They may also be small cushions to support the position and make babies comfortable. Comfort can also be an auxiliary element like toys and music. Some models have a toy bar in which music and sound are also included. The bar is always ready to keep little ones busy and to help them relax. You can play music or a sound to make them calm before sleeping. Imagine how comfortable your baby can sleep while there is soft music playing. 

When it comes to parents, a bouncer, rocker or swing should be user-friendly which means being light enough to carry and easy to clean. Your baby will not always be in their room and wait for you; they have the right to watch tv with their siblings or attend the family dinner and on such occasions, you need to move them between the rooms. And on some occasions, there may be leaky diapers or small burps. For this, the fabric should be removable from the seat and suitable to be washed in the machine.

What are the bouncers, rockers & swings brands?

In the Peekaboo world, the brands are ready to shake you and your baby because they have different colors, sizes, and options. Evenflo, 4Moms, ExerSaucer, Mastela, and Kinderkraft have various products which will create a safe and comfortable space for babies. Their toys and music will also cheer them up and bring joy. See all the brands and what they offer you! There is always something perfect at Peekaboo which needs to be in the shopping cart!