Founded in 1976, V-tech has been providing smart electronic solutions in the learning toy category. They have been providing innovative and fun products for all children around the world. With the awareness of the environment, V-tech adopts a social responsibility while designing its toys. 

V-tech helps develop skills of kids all around the world and supports parents as well during their little one’s growth journey. Hong kong centered brand provides products for different age groups and each product is smartly designed to improve certain skills. Peekaboo is here to help you out with the best products you can find from V-tech!

What categories does V-Tech have products in?

V-tech has a long list of innovative products serving different purposes. The brand provides; bath toys, creativity toys, soothers, mobiles, digital cameras, walkers, ride-ons, handheld toys, learning laptops, and tablets in addition to musical instruments, pets, playsets, plushes, pre-reading and reading toys, role-play toys, stacking toys, vehicles and so much more to pick from. Combined with software, the internet, and advanced technology, V-tech provides the ultimate products suitable for developing the skill sets of kids. 

V-tech has a product category for every age to support your kids' growth, development, learning, and soft skills. The brand’s exciting selection of innovative and interactive toys is the perfect match if you are in the search of smart gadgets for your kid to enjoy. Lay back while your kid is busy with developing and improving their five motor skills in addition to their hand-eye coordination and learn how to count, and read while they entertain themselves at the same time. 

What age-appropriate products are available from the V-Tech brand?

V-tech categorizes its groundbreaking clever toys into 9 different age categories. The brand has a lot to offer and address even after your little one grows out of their clothes and starts school. 

0-6 Months

6-9 Months

9-12 Months

12-18 Months

18-24 Months

2-3 Years

4-5 Years

6-7 Years

8-9 Years

From improving basic 5 motor skills to teaching kids to learn, V-tech has got your back during your little kid’s growing journey. 

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