Diaper Changing Pads/Mats

Choosing a diaper changing pad or mat is sometimes challenging as little ones like to play and discover what is around them. Although they may be seen as something simple, they can make all the difference for parents with their advantages like safety, comfort, and cleanliness. Let’s find out what kind of tips and brands Peekaboo has for parents.

What should be considered when choosing diaper changing pads/mats?

First things first, we all know that babies are active and like to know their surroundings. They are curious and ready to move. In order to keep them safe and secure, a changing pad or mat is always a good solution. Generally, parents change their baby’s diaper on a nursery table or on the bed. Even if they are not high, it is always a great advantage to prevent what could happen in advance. For this, parents may go for the ones having high sides because they keep the baby in place and determine the movement area; that is, they prevent them from rolling off. 

Changing pads or mats is comfortable both for the babies and parents. If you are taking care of the baby on a table, the solid surface may make the baby uncomfortable. So, the ones with good padding will make them relax and restful. Besides, they are so light that you can carry them wherever you go and are easy to use because they have various forms. They can be rolled or folded for carrying in the bag.  They can also be used for different purposes in any situation. For example, when you are visiting a friend, your baby can sleep or just lie down on it and enjoy. 

Depending on the safety and comfort, their fabric is also important. The fabric of the pad should be soft and allergen-free because of the connection between the skin and the fabric. Some babies may be allergic to different types of fabrics and parents should consider the ones made of cotton. The fabric is also critical for the cleaning. Some of these products have waterproof covers, which make them perfect for cleaning as you can easily wipe and disinfect them in difficult situations.

What are the diaper changing pads/mats brands?

At Peekaboo, there are many brands paying attention to all the considerations both for the baby and parents. Pibi, Pixie, Sunveno, Ikea, and Moon are among the brands which offer perfect designs and different sizes for each baby. They also have cute little Disney prints on them to add some fun to the room. Jump between the pages to find the best one and add it to your shopping cart don’t be scared because they are well padded and their cushions will keep the babies and you safe!