Baby Rattles

If you think all baby rattles are similar, think again—read on to discover what’s special about the wide array of baby rattles available on Peekaboo!

What should be considered when choosing baby rattles?

The age and developmental stage of your child are what matter the most when it comes to choosing baby rattles. Babies who are teething will need rattles designed out of more chewable soft plastic, whereas older kids may enjoy light-up designs or ones that make different sounds.

Since they’ll be in your baby’s mouth faster than you can stay “stop!” rattles for newborns or very young babies must never include small parts.

Another important factor to consider is how much noise you’re willing to tolerate on a daily basis—if your answer is “close to none,” you may want to opt for a soft rattle rather than a loud, noisemaking one.

What are the baby rattle brands?

Peekaboo’s selection of baby rattles includes numerous designs by Infantino, with options like their Foot Rattles, Jittery Cow, Unicorn and Horse, Spiral Activity Toy, Textured Sensory Pal, Turtle Mirror Pal, Link & Crinkle Animal Counting Book, Music & Motion Pulldown Sloth, Twist & Play Caterpillar Rattle, and Textured Ring Links all designed for newborns and above. Infantino also makes a Turtle Rattle for babies over 3 months old, as well as a Shake & Teeth Gummy Flower Rattle, Chime and Go Tag Along Pals, Go Gaga Chime, Busy Beads Rattle and Teether, and Jungle Ferris Wheel, all designed for babies over the age of 6 months, and all available on Peekaboo.

Another very popular brand on the site is Fisher-Price, whose Shake’n Beats Tambourine, Twist & Turn Rattles, Rattle ‘n Rock Maracas, Peek & Play Panda Mirror, Clutch & Click Giraffe, Take & Teeth Lion, and Shake & Rattle Frog are all designed for babies who are aged 3 months or older. Moon also offers cuddly spiral activity toys, pull strings, and soft rattle toys best suited to newborns.

Playgro’s Toy Box Clip Cop Activity Rattle and Twisting Barbell Rattle, both designed for babies who are at least 3 months old, can also be found on the site. Dolce is another brand available on Peekaboo, whose Shaker Parrot, Spring Chicken, Sports Car, and Bubble Car are all designed for newborns and above. You can also find rattle sets by Hape, gift sets and car key rattles by V-Tech, a rattle teether by Toy School, car keys by Simba, a cloud rattle by Clementoni, and the Lamaze Gardenbug Wrıst Rattle Footfinder Set.

Whether you’re looking to buy a baby rattle as a gift or for your precious one, you’re guaranteed to find one that fits the bill at Peekaboo!