Mosquito Repellents & Care

Warmer weather means more time outside for our children to enjoy the sun and fresh air. As parents, you want to make this experience as enjoyable as possible for your little ones.  However, this little exploration time can turn a bit unpleasant if our little crawling friends pay a visit to children. Biting insects such as mosquitos especially can create disturbance for them on a daily basis. However, the solution is quite simple. 

Peekaboo’s innovative mosquito repellent patches offer an effective and easy outcome and it is completely safe to use for your entire family. Stick those patches on your clothes, furniture, or everywhere else you want and enjoy without having the fear of repellent creams and gels that can cause irritation on your baby’s skin!

You can start exploring these fun patches now with Pekaabo.

What should be considered when choosing mosquito repellents & care?

As always, the safety of your child comes first. Therefore, making sure that the repellent product you use does not contain any harmful properties that can cause any illnesses or disturbance for your child is of utmost significance. That is why here at Pekaaboo we put importance on providing clean and safe products to our parents at all times. There are always various options to pick from when it comes to mosquito repellents, and most of these repellents can include more chemical solutions. Natural repellents that include 100% natural ingredients which are DEET-free are also proven to be extremely helpful and effective in repelling mosquitoes. They additionally put precious parents’ minds at ease thanks to its safe properties while not compromising on their fun and enjoyable design for your little ones.

By applying these repellent patches with natural ingredients anywhere you want, you can repel mosquitos naturally. The repellent patches contain natural ingredients such as; Citronell, Menthol, and Geraniol. The good news is, that they do not even have to be applied onto your skin, and they can be used for every family member if they are ready to pull on the fun designs we have in store!
Worrying about any residues, don't worry! Our patches do not leave any chemical or glue residue and smell afterward. The repelling effect itself can last up to 9 hours. 

What are the mosquito repellents & care brands?

Here at Peekaboo, we offer safe and effective brands we believe in. No Mozzie is one of them. They provide 100% natural, DEET-free mosquito repellent patches for babies. Their patches are bio-degradable and plant-based. While you make sure your little one’s comfort is not intruded on by uninvited flying guests, you can also put your mind at ease by knowing that you are helping the environment!

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