School Supplies

Are you looking for the right school supplies to prep your little one for learning? You’ve come to the right place! Peekaboo’s wide selection of affordably priced school products are sure to be a hit with any parent or kid.

What are the basic school supplies?

There are some school essentials that will apply to kids of all ages, such as backpacks to carry their books and stationery sets featuring items like pens and pencils, erasers, and notebooks. However, it is the style of these items that tends to change over the years, as we’ll explore in more detail below.

Besides tools for learning, students also need items to ensure they get the proper nutrition, such as water bottles, lunchboxes and lunch kits, as well as lunch bags to keep their food fresh. Investing in food-related supplies may not be at the top of parents’ minds when it comes to school shopping for their kids, but having enough brainfood is important to people of all ages, and especially so for growing minds who are busy soaking up information at school every day. 

How do the school supplies vary according to education level?

For those who may be unfamiliar with the education system in Kenya, mandatory primary education lasts 8 years, followed by 4 years of mandatory secondary education and then by 4 years of higher education. Throughout the 12 years of compulsory education, the school needs of students change quite a bit. Let’s explore how:

School supplies for primary school

Kids in primary school tend to have more classroom needs than older students. Think colored pencils, crayons, all sorts of markers from classic to metallic and glitter… The list goes on with crafts supplies like scissors, brushes, both regular and glitter glue, stamping kits, play dough, tempera paints, fingerpaints, or even face paints. With all of these supplies, primary school students also generally require pouches to keep their items in one place and carry them easily.

Then, there are the classroom supplies to buy for home, which are a good idea because they mimic the classroom environment to foster at-home learning for your kids. Here, you can think of drawing papers and easels, coloring books, activity sets, flashcards, as well as worksheets and workbooks to help kids master basic information such as the alphabet and numbers in the comfort of their home. By investing in educational supplies such as these, you can help your child get ahead in school and develop a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

The school supplies for students at the primary level tend to have colorful and fun designs that appeal to pre-teens. You’ll often see kids wearing backpacks and carrying lunchboxes that feature their favorite Disney, Warner Bros., or Marvel figures on them. Kids at this stage also enjoy stationery sets that include these characters, so if your child has a favorite figure they’re simply obsessed with, you may want to consider getting a full set of school needs based around a single theme to make the selection process even easier on yourself and your young one.

School supplies for secondary level

When kids enter the secondary level, their school needs are generally more focused on basic stationery items such as notebooks, pens, and papers, although they may still require the occasional craft supply such as modeling clay for science or art projects.

Labels and labelmakers take on an even greater importance for kids who may be attending larger schools at the secondary level than they did at the primary, and who need to keep their items from getting mixed up with their peers’.

A style change also tends to occur in kids transitioning into the secondary level. As kids evolve into teenagers, their colorful backpacks and lunchboxes often give way to less ornamental and more streamlined designs, albeit still with plenty of color to keep them interesting for youngsters.

Whether you’re shopping for a first-time schoolgoer or a seasoned student, at Peekaboo you’ll find the best school supplies blending function and style.