Soaps, Shampoos & Body Wash

If your newborn’s skin and comfort are in question, only the best soaps, shampoos and body washes on the market will do. As Peekaboo, we want to make your life easier for you therefore we have carefully selected the most gentle and effective products you and your little one would love. Keeping your little ones happy and content during your first week in the world, only a damp flannel and warm water should be enough. When you see their little hair growing out, that is the time they feel ready for a proper bath time. We understand this might be a bit challenging for new parents but there is nothing that a warm and clean bath time cannot fix for anyone. 

With Peekaboo’s wide product range to assist you, you do not have to worry about anything!

What should be considered when choosing soaps, shampoos & body wash?

Every human is different in their nature, and so is your little human. If you are not entirely sure or just want to make sure you have the right products to keep your little one clean and happy, you can always consult your pediatrician to get any useful recommendations. However, with a little bit of online research and reviews, you can also find a list of good products that can work the best for your little one.

Just like any baby care item or product, you will have a list of options ahead of you to pick from. Daunting as it sounds, the first and foremost thing you should be sure of is that the products you are looking for have undergone proper and robust clinical testing. 

Products with clean ingredients and built with a formula consisting of natural ingredients away from any toxin-free components are a must as your little one’s immunity is not yet developed to handle any toxins. You should aim always for high-quality products with rigorous testing. Reading the labels carefully might help you in that regard. Nowadays we check reviews even while we buy the most trivial thing from online websites. Reading reviews of products online can also help you make a more informed decision. Furthermore, products that are enriched with various vitamins provide the extra boost your little one needs. 

We all know your baby’s hair and skin health is not something any parent can take the risk of compromising on. Therefore picking properly tested clean products is quite important to make sure your little one is happy and safe.

What are the soaps, shampoos & body wash brands?

At Peekaboo we have the most reviewed and loved products by parents. We hope that they will also be your favorites. From the most loved products by Aveeno, Dove, Chicco, Johnson’s, and Sebamed to Dr. Bronner’s, anything your little one need for a perfect bath time is available here at Peekaboo!