Bibs & Hankies

Feeding time is sometimes delicious and sometimes a mess. We know that some messes can’t be controlled; but what is better than a bib that keeps both our baby and the kitchen clean? Bibs and hankies are friends of parents in the kitchen and essential for children who just have their meal in a little active way. At Peekaboo, we have included different brands and their helpful bibs and hankies.  If you finished your meal and are full, let’s find out together.

What should be considered when choosing bibs & hankies?

There are two major points that parents should have in mind when choosing bibs and hankies. The first one is the age of the baby. As babies tend to move and discover the world around them, the length should be suitable so that it can cover the upper body. Parents can also have a larger bib for their toddlers. Also, the neck part should also be large enough depending on the age. A small neck part may create problems while eating or moving.

Deciding on which brand and its product are not easy. However, we made a good selection for you at Peekaboo. Among these selections, you will find bibs and hankies made from quality fabric, which is the second point that parents should consider. The fabric used is the key to keeping the little ones clean. It should be cotton and absorbent, and should also be soft, especially for the neck. There are also other materials like rubber or plastic which are durable, water-resistant, and moisture control.

What are the bibs & hankies brands?

By taking into consideration these two important points, we have a wide range of products offering the best bibs and hankies for your newborn or toddler. You can find Carter’s, Little Unicorn, or Mycey. Depending on your preference, they have different bibs and hankies. They also have set as 3-Pack or 4-Pack. For the ones who love Disney or Warner Bros., we also have different types that will make your child the superhero of the house. There are also washcloths from Carter’s, which you can buy in 6-Pack. 

As we have so much to offer for parents and their lovely ones, we want you to take your time and see every detail of the product you like. When you find the best ones, it is easy to add them to your chart with our Quick Buy button.