Dishes & Utensils

When it comes to dishes and utensils, there are a few things you need to consider as parents. Let’s find out how to make feeding time enjoyable with different products and learn about Peekaboo’s tips and brands.

What should be considered when choosing dishes & utensils?

Parents who are looking for good dishes and utensils for their little ones should always give close attention to the material. Materials mean so much in terms of health, sturdiness, or ease of cleaning. All these matters have importance for children. When it comes to health, the materials should not contain chemicals and should be BPA-free. The dish or the utensil you choose for your child should be unhazardous for their health. The material also decide the sturdiness. As we all know that children are active and like to play no matter where they are; there may be flying bowls and spoons. Thus, the material should be impact resistant which prevents accidental risks; except for some stains on the tablecloth. Cleaning is also related to the material and it should not take so much time for busy moms. That’s why moms can go for bamboo or plastic dishes and utensils.

The purpose, and accordingly the ease of use, is another tip for parents. At Peekaboo, you can find different kinds of dishes and utensils serving different purposes. For example, you may buy a divided plate for your little one in order to make them recognize the food, so that they can get familiar with the taste. The compartments are also good for purees and finger foods. There are also utensils at Peekaboo for parents, like milk storage lids or stainless steel food jars. They are perfect for daily use and make it easy for parents to have control in the kitchen.

What are the dishes & utensils brands?

If you are thinking about how to make the dinner time fun and comfortable, you are in the right hands at Peekaboo. There are so many brands offering various products in different shapes and colors. Tommee Tippee, Dr. Brown's, Munchkin, Beaba, or Kiddies & Co are waiting for you. From these brands, you can find bowls, spoons, divided plates, or cups. Good news: there are also complements for them. You can see table mats with Marvel and Disney characters on them. Let’s start and discover this world, make the shopping cart full of colorful items and prepare a perfect dinner to meet the family members at the table!