Feeding Accessories

We know that parents want quality feeding time. And a quality feeding time requires the best feeding accessories. Keep on reading to find tips to help you choose!

What should be considered when choosing feeding accessories?

Let’s start with the material. There are many products made of plastic, silicone, bamboo, or stainless steel. As the products change depending on the need, the material becomes even more important. It determines the durability, service life, and frequency of use of the product. First of all, parents should be careful about plastic products. They may contain BPA, which is a harmful chemical. The ones which do not contain BPA are good to use and durable.

Silicone is another option that is good for use with microwaves and it does not react with food or liquids. And bamboo, which is processed without chemicals, is sustainable and environmentally friendly but when using bamboo products parents should consider that it is difficult to use with a microwave. And the last one, stainless steel, is perfect for kids who like to grab things and throw them as it is strong and unbreakable. 

Lastly, the purpose of the accessories is important, depending on your baby’s age. Each object has its function. For example, if you are looking for a teat, it should not be big for babies, or if you want to buy a feeding bottler for a 3-year-old, it should not be so small. Such accessories should also be easy to clean so that you don’t have to waste time cleaning.

What are the feeding accessories brands?

As there are many products in the world of feeding accessories, there are also many brands at Peekaboo, which are good to use and make dinners fun! If you are about to buy a feeder, Munchkin has offers in different colors and styles, or Nuby and Tommy Boon have plates and bowls which will make children hungry. There are also colorful feeding spoons of Tommy Boon which mothers will also like. And, a bonus:  Ikea’s Cushion for the chairs for the ones who care about their comfort. All these products and many more are ready to be discovered at Peekaboo. Feel free and see all of them make eating fun and crazy.