Breast Feeding

Breastfeeding is an important way to keep infants healthy as it provides nutrients and energy. It is recommended that infants should be exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months because it protects against allergies, illnesses, or infections and is also good in terms of digestion and healthier weights. Here at Peekaboo, you can find different breastfeeding accessories.

What should be considered when choosing breastfeeding products?

The pump is an essential item for moms and in order to find the best one for yourself, there are questions you can ask yourself. For instance, “How many times will I use the pump in a day?” or “What types of pump do I need?”. The answers will guide you to the best pump. Especially, knowing the usage frequency will help you make the final decision. Besides, a pump should make you comfortable and be healthy for you because it may cause nipple damage over time. Related to the type, manual or electric pumps can be considered and both have their own advantages. While manual pumps are easy to use, convenient in terms of power, and portable as they are lighter, electric ones are fast and efficient, helpful for milk storage, and hand-free meaning more flexibility.

When moms start breastfeeding, they should also be prepared for the leaked milk which is common. While you are feeding your infant one breast, there may be milk on the other one. For this, breast pads are a good choice. When buying one, moms should consider the types of pads, which are disposable or reusable. Both have effective ways to keep breasts dry and clothes clean. Based on the type, there are some important points: the material of the pad should be absorbent, it should fit into the bra and it should prove breathability. All these points are important for breast health and the comfort of women.

To store excessive milk, milk storage bags are quite practical. If you are thinking about buying one, the first tip is the plastic of the bag. The plastic must be food-grade and should not contain noxious chemicals. The size is also important and to have the right size, you may consider scaling your milk firstly in the feeding bottle and then transfer it into the bag. The bags should also have a tagged place where you can write the date and amount. This will be helpful to know what you have in the fridge.

What are the breastfeeding brands?

We care about mothers, babies, and their health and that’s why Peekaboo offers various brands. Dr. Brawn’s, Medela, Tommee Tippee, Lansinoh, Hakaa, and Philips have different products like pumps, feeding bottles, pads, and storage bags. You can also check the products of Kinder Valley and My Breast Friend at Peekaboo. Have a look at the category and find the best product for you!