Stroller Guide: How To Choose The Right Stroller

Stroller Guide: How To Choose The Right Stroller

Stroller Guide: How To Choose The Right Stroller

Being a parent is an awesome thing and, for many parents, the first time a child is born and placed into their arms is one of the most exciting experiences of their lives. A baby stroller can help to make things easier for parents who are dealing with this new experience by making it possible to move around more easily with their baby in tow. In some ways, the stroller can be the very thing that allows them to be comfortable enough, in general, to truly get used to the idea of being a parent. As making your precious one as comfortable as they are in the arms of their loving mother matters the world to us, we have compiled a stroller buying guide that could put your mind at ease while you are up and about with your little one.

Top Stroller Features to Consider

When you get a new baby, one of the first things you'll need is a stroller. A good stroller will allow you to safely transport your child from place to place and keep him or her safe as you do so. If you're in the market for a new stroller, here are some features to consider:

  1. Comfort: Any parent will tell you that comfort is key when it comes to getting your baby to sleep. The more comfortable they are, the better they'll sleep — and the less likely they'll be to wake up while you're out with them. So make sure you get something that feels good to sit in. Some strollers even have adjustable backrests so you can position them just right for your child's comfort level and age.

  1. Weight: A lightweight stroller isn't just convenient; it's also safer for your child if there's an accident or emergency situation where you need to run from danger quickly. So look for one that isn't too heavy when it comes time to lift it into your vehicle or carry it inside a building after shopping at the mall or park.

  1. Foldability/Compactness: The more compact your stroller is when folded up, the easier it will be for you when storing it away in either your house or car trunk. Look for one that folds down quickly and easily without requiring additional tools.

Types of Strollers

Many parents interchangeably refer to prams, strollers, buggies, and pushchairs. Although they are similar, they differ slightly in a number of ways and it is useful to know how to choose the right stroller for your little baby.

Prams: As babies cannot hold their heads upright until they are about six months old, prams are more suitable for newborns since they can recline flat. However remember that as soon as babies are able to sit up, prams are no longer practical because of their limited reclining positions.

Strollers: These are ideal for independent sitters. The term itself is also used in European countries in order to refer to buggies and pushchairs as well. They deliver light, compact and travel-friendly features for all parents who would still want to wander around with their baby without limiting themselves geographically. Traditional prams on the other hand tend to be heavier than strollers. Some strollers can recline numerous times and bend as much as 150 degrees, making them suitable for babies as well. Depending on how they are used, strollers have different features.

Standard Strollers: These come with a wide range of functions and can be used front-facing, rear-facing, or both directions.

Lightweight Strollers: These contain fewer features than regular strollers but are more convenient to transport. They are typically front-facing strollers.

Jogging Strollers: As the name itself indicates, these are designed to make our lives easier to go jogging or hiking while carrying a baby.

Travel Systems: Having the functionality to serve as a car seat and as a regular stroller, this can give you a one-stop shop for all your child's mobility needs.

Double Strollers: We of course haven’t forgotten about the lovely twins! Double strollers deliver so much ease and comfort for twins to have enjoyable trips.

Peekaboo Baby Stroller Suggestions For You

As Peekaboo we care about our little ones and their parent's needs. We offer a great range of baby stroller brands to pick from such as Kinderkaft, Evenflo, Hauck, Pibi, BabyZen, Disney, Megastar, and Kolcraft (for twins). If you still aren’t sure which option to look for, start browsing to find the best baby stroller your little one will absolutely adore!

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