Find The Best Toys for Newborns

Find The Best Toys for Newborns

Find The Best Toys for Newborns

Playful and colourful? Check. Age-appropriate and affordable? Check. We understood the assignment and have something special for your little one here at Peekaboo. We understand that playing with a baby is more than just entertainment. Toys won't just help your young baby develop their physical skills. Once they're able to play simple games with you, playing will also help them develop cognitive, creative, and social skills as well.

Come check out our variety of toys for newborns, toddlers, or any age in need of an SOS best toy!

What to consider when buying toys for newborns

When choosing a toy for your little muffin, their age and development levels are usually the most important factors. If you can't find any age-appropriate information on a toy they like, we suggest you consult your child's paediatrician. In addition to age and development level, you should also consider gender - though this doesn't always apply. Dollhouses can be a hit with boys, just as toy cars may interest girls. So there are no rules here - really, it's best to choose something that you know your child will enjoy!

As your kids get older (we know, time flies!), you might want to think about the playground and outdoor play equipment. It's especially helpful in the summer when they have more free time off school and are looking for new adventures to embark on during summer.

P.S: Don’t look for the best toys for newborns with high price tags as their play needs are lower on the learning curve. That also doesn't mean you can skip looking for smart design and quality. Read books up close with your baby, take in interesting images (yours is the best to gaze at!), or sing with them. All of this is gentle play time that will make both you and your little one happy!

Best Toys for Newborns

Safety always comes first. Whatever toy you buy, your little adventurist’s safety always comes first. Making your house a safe space for your baby to grow and learn can be tough. We have 2 top tips for you: 1. Never leave your baby alone with any toys, extra bedding, or stuffed animals. 2. Always carefully inspect all toys for any loose pieces that could pose a choking hazard, like buttons or beads.

Soft and squishy all the way! These best infant toys are your best bet for newborns and their cute biting explorations because they are soft and won't cause any accidents or injuries. Besides, high-contrasting toys to cure your little one’s curiosity and developing sight! High-contrast objects and toys for infants are most likely to catch the attention of a baby since infants typically favour bolder patterns. You'll want to expose your baby to a variety of items for them to look at and practice following the movement.


Interaction is better than any toy. You can spend quality time with your child while talking, singing, and playing with them, which helps improve their language skills from a young age. Always remember that they do not need a cupboard of toys to keep them entertained. Interacting with you is the most entertaining experience for you and your little one to bond over!

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