Zuru Robo Alive Robotic Light-Up Snake Green Age- 2 Years & Above

by Zuru
Type: Toys

Live life on the wild side with ROBO ALIVE's Robotic Snake. Watch as it silently slithers, while flicking its tongue on the hunt for its next meal. New LED light up mouth. Eyeballs and tongue that moves in and out. Fast Life like snake movement. Created with ZURU’s expertise in robotic design & manufacturing for the highest quality. Striking merchandising pops on shelf but aligns with the full Robo Alive range.
• REALISTIC MOVEMENT: Fast slithering Snake. Watch it slither and weave just like a real snake.
• ON PATROL: These snakes are on patrol, their eyes move just like a real snake patrolling their domain.
• HUNTING FOR PREY: Tongue flicks in and out like a real snake on the hunt for prey!
• SCARE IN THE DARK: With a light up mouth, this snake can search for prey in the dark.
• ZURU ROBO ALIVE: Robo Alive features functioning robotic pets, that move and act like they're real! They're more than alive - they're Robo Alive!
• 2 AAA Batteries included

Brand Information:
ZURU aims to ensure that all individuals associated with us will be DELIGHTED through our brands or the journeys they have experienced whilst part of the ZURU team. We are ZURU, inspiring fun.

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Sammy Wachira

It's fun and kids are enjoying it so much