Toy Kraft Spell & Sound Age 3+

Type: Toys

Teaching a child how to spell can be quite an uphill task and doing so in a fun and playful manner is the challenge. Using phonetics, the child's spelling memory is enhanced. In this puzzle forty words are shown in pictures made by matched jigsaw puzzle pairs.
There are 10 large vehicle cut- outs which have 4 empty slots for these pictures. In the driver's seat a child displays the word sounds as a blend (2 consonants combined and 2 sounds are heard - gr, cr, fl, bl, tr, dr, pl) or digraph (2 consonants are combined and 1 sound is heard - ch, wh, sh).
The Puzzle Activity involves the child recognising the speech sound for each vehicle and then trying to form pictures with a pair of jigsaw pieces.
The four pictures for each word sound are then inserted in the appropriate vehicles in the empty slots.
With regular play the child would have become accustomed to the spelling and can associate the same with the sound. Children can extend the learning with more play possibilities by forming more words or play a memory game whose rules are simple to follow.

Fun and playful way to learn phonetics and spellings

Brand Information
Toykraft is a brand from India which manufactures educational toys such as puzzles and arts and crafts kits. They inspire children to new ideas and skills and unleashes creative ability. The categories covers the areas of Arts & Crafts and DIY kits, Educational toys, Board Games & Metal construction toys.