Tooky Toy Wooden Cleaning Set Age-3 Years & Above

Type: Toys

This Official Tooky Toy cleaning set will encourage children's roleplay and development! This 6 piece set can offer hours of fun, helping them learn the skills of cleaning the house and roleplay as they pretend to be a parent or an actual cleaner!
This is how he develops his imagination and is trained to function properly within the whole.
For example, in order to live in a clean environment, we make sure to clean all indoor and outdoor spaces at regular intervals, respecting the natural environment and those around us.

Product Dimensions (W x H x D): 79 x 28 x 3.50 cm

Package Includes
§ 1 x Stand
§ 1 x Duster
§ 1 x Dustpan And Brush
§ 1 x Brush
§ 1 x Floor Mop


- High Quality Wooden Toy
- Great For Encouraging Role Play
- 6 Piece Set
- Helps in the development of the following skills in your Kids:-
Imagination and creativity
Problem solving
Social skills
Motor skills

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