Tommee Tippee Advanced Sensitive Soother Pack of 2 Teal & Grey Age Newborn to 6 Months

Type: Feeding

The instinctive action of sucking helps to calm and soothe babies and all parents know there’s nothing more wonderful than a calm, content baby. So, when you need to turn screams and sobs into smiles and sleep, simply pick up a Tommee Tippee Advanced Sensitive Soother. Our first soother specially designed to avoid contact with baby’s sensitive skin and prevent the risk of irritation, rashes and sore spots around baby’s nose and mouth. Unlike traditional soothers where, over time, baby’s saliva can build up beneath the shield leading to irritated skin and discomfort for baby, our Advanced Sensitive Soother is specially shaped to curve away from baby’s face. The unique design features extra large holes in the soother shield to help improve air flow and minimise skin contact, allowing baby’s skin to breathe and helping to keep it moisture free. Our orthodontic* soothers feature an oval, reverse ortho baglet that is vented meaning it compresses more easily than traditional, air filled baglets and therefore reduces pressure on baby’s developing teeth and gums. The symmetrical, silicone baglet that is fully reversible and has no ‘wrong’ side up so the soother will always be placed correctly in your baby’s mouth. BPA free and easy to clean simply pop in a steriliser, wash by hand or in the dishwasher. We recommend that you replace the soother every month and always at the first signs of damage or weakness and we recommend stopping soother use when your child is older than 36 months. *as compared to traditional round unvented soothers/pacifiers which do not compress as easily.
90% less skin contact than other soothers: This unique shield curves away from baby’s face and the extra large holes allow extra air flow to prevent moisture build up to help prevent skin irritation
Symmetrical orthodontic* design: Our Advanced Sensitive soother features a symmetrical silicone teat and with no ‘wrong’ side up, it will always be placed correctly in baby’s mouth
Soft silicone teat: The 100% medical grade silicone teat is soft, flexible and extremely durable
For newborns and older babies: Available in various colours and age stages, suitable for babies aged 0 6 months and 6 18 months
Easy to clean & BPA free: Silicone is taste free and won’t retain any stains or odours. Easy to clean either in a steriliser, by hand or in the top rack of the dishwasher. Always BPA and phthalate free
Brand Information
The brand Tommee Tippee has spent over 60 years championing everything it takes to be a good parent. The brand has made parenting easier with their innovative range of products for feed time, mealtime, bath time, change time, sleep time and more.

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