The Loyal Subject Spider-Man Marvel Superama Age 3+


5" x 5" interlocking base and background with figure. We set the action, you tell your own story!

1.All bases can link together in any sequence
2.Swapable backgrounds - ‰ÛÏSwitch Spidey‰۪s -NYC stoop with Thanos‰۪ intergalactic empire! Story controls are in your hands!"
3.Item dimensions are 6.5‰Û? x 5.75‰Û? x 5.5‰Û?
4.The first offering is starting off with a bang with Marvel Classic comic book favorites Iron Man䋢, Gamora䋢, Thanos䋢, Thor䋢, Spider-Man䋢, and The Incredible Hulk䋢.

Brand Information
The Loyal Subjects manufactures collectible and artistic licensed figures with registered brands such as Action Vinyls䋢, BST AXN䋢, Superama䋢, and For Keeps䋢 figurines

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