Tena Flip Flop Top Wipes 80 Sheets

by Tena
Type: Diapering

Use TENA Wipes for regular hygiene needs. The pH-balanced fabric and pure water formulation make these 80-pack TENA wipes as soft as cotton. It is an ideal hygiene product to keep your baby's delicate skin refreshed and clean. These baby wipes can be used to clean your baby’s delicate skin during the diaper change, during mealtime, or during playtime. The antibacterial property of the fabric protects them from a skin allergy, irritation, and rashes. The TENA wipes are 100 percent free from alcohol, parabens, and other toxic chemicals, making them entirely safe for daily use. The packaging contour of TENA Baby Wipes makes it easy to carry while traveling. The lid/flip-top on the package keeps the moisture intact for a long time. It also assists in pulling out a couple of wipes faster and efficiently.

• 80 baby wipes in a pack.
• The flip-top pack keeps moisture locked for a long time.
• Unscented, pH-balanced, alcohol and paraben-free baby wipes.
• The pure water-based formulation makes it gentle on your baby’s skin.
• A convenient alternative to tissue paper.
• Suitable for all skin types.
• Perfect for potty training, baby hygiene regime.
• Compact packaging fits easily in your purse.

Brand Information
TENA is a registered brand name under Essity Hygiene Products. They are the worldwide leader in providing products and services for individuals and healthcare organizations throughout 105 countries. Under the brand name TENA®, Essity provides a full range of absorbent products tailored to the distinct needs of adults as well as babies of all ages. TENA® products feature innovative technologies, such as comfortable QuickDry™ top sheets, super-absorbent Lock Away Core™, and Advanced Odor Protection, to ensure comfort and discretion for wearers.