Sunveno Fruit Themed Disposable Baby Bibs - 20 Pieces Age-Newborn to 36 Months

by Sunveno
Type: Feeding

Sunveno Baby and Infant Disposable Travel Bibs by Sam Box help keep your little one nice and clean during meals without the fuss of having to hold on to the dirty bib to clean it later. Simply toss the bib after your child is done and be off on your way. Our bibs are perfect for feeding when traveling in cars or planes, at hotels or restaurants where laundry can’t be done, or even at home when you just don’t have a cloth one on hand or feel like dealing with messy bibs. Our disposable bibs are also great in bulk for restaurants, parties, gatherings, or other places and events with a large amount of babies or young children, such as birthdays, ball games, barbecues, and more.

Usage Guide of The Front Pocket

1.Grasp top edges of pocket at each side
2. Fold top portion of pocket in towards bib
3.Pull pocket gently away from base of bib to fully extend

• Product Dimensions(cm) : 35.5*24.2
• Product Weight : 0.01
• Packing Dimensions : 18.5*7.5*15
• Packing Weight(kg) : 0.25
• Material : Non Woven Fabric
• Age Recommended : 0-36Months
Product Dimensions:35.5 x 24.2 cm
Product Weight0.01 Kg
• Soft Absorbent Front & Leak proof Back: Made from a combination of fabric, tissue paper, and waterproof film to provide durable tear resistance and leak protection while still feeling comfortable when worn.

• Keeps Kids Clean : Perfect for catching spills, drips, and solid foods that slip away when your child is eating.

• Crumb catcher pouch in front helps catch bits and pieces from getting on your child’s clothes.

• Double fixation, not falling off: Sticking the bib to the baby's clothes front and back to ensure that will not fall off during the baby actives

• Anti-tightening design, adjustable circumference: The neck is too tight and uncomfortable, just tear it along the incision
Brand Information:Sunveno Disposable Baby Bibs - 20 pcs-Fruit Age-Newborn to 36 Months

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