Sunveno Disposable Absorbent Changing Mat - Pack Of 20Pcs - White Unisex

by Sunveno
Type: Diapering

Sunveno Disposable Changing Mats - are large absorbent disposable mats are great for mum to use in the post partum weeks and perfect for baby when out and about. The top layer is super absorbent and soft, Can be used on bed for the night and also to change the baby diaper.
• Convenient to use both at Home and during Travel.
• Non-woven absorbent and waterproof material.
• Good for Mum also during postpartum weeks.
• Super Easy to change Baby Nappy, no hassle of washing and cleaning.
Brand Information
Sunveno is a brand from the United States established in 2005. Their main focus is to make the lives of parents easier by developing products for the baby on-the-move and the mother's maternity and post partum care. Their world famous diaper bag have multiple pockets to ensure complete organization of your baby's items making moving around with your loved one much easier. Their top selling maternity range ensures a comfortable fit for all mothers.