Snuggles Baby Wipes Flip Top 72 Sheets Unisex

Type: Diapering
Snuggles baby wipes are specifically designed to meet the needs of your baby. These wipes are skin-friendly, safe, and hygienic for your baby due to their pure water-based formulation. Nuggles baby wipes are also soft but thick, resulting in a gentle but effective cleansing process. It can be used not only to clean your baby's diaper after each change, but also to clean his or her delicate hands, face, and other body parts. These wipe's compact packaging contour makes them easy to carry in your purse or diaper bag. Snuggle brand offers a variety of high quality fabric conditioning products including liquid softeners and dryer sheets in a variety of is recognised by it's iconic snuggle bear created by Jim Henson's creature shop.snuggle is manufactured by the sun products corporation and available at all major retail Shops.