Simba Mp3 - I-Drum Plastic Electronic Drum Age 6+ Unisex

Type: Toys

Plug & Play Drum
MMW I-Drum: You can connect your MP3 player to the funky colorful I-Drum from My Music World and use the 4 drums and the
Drum sticks add cool beats to your music. 8 different melodies and a demo are already stored on the I-Drum, for which
the notes can be played. The Drum Change function enables drum beats to be changed to other tones. For children from 6
Years. Batteries 3x 1.5V R6 are included in the set.
Brand Information
Simba Dickie Group manufacture a wide variety of preschool toys under their umbrella, falling in categories such as toy cars (Dickie), dolls and baby preschool toys. Their products are affordable and of high quality. Their back to school collection is vast using multiple textiles to create eye-catching designs so children can enjoy their backpacks while going to school.