Simba Art & Fun Ironing Beads Unicorn Age 6+ Unisex

Type: Toys

A&F Ironing Beads Unicorn
With the Art & Fun Beading Unicorn Set, girls can conjure up great colorful unicorns from beads. Among the 2,200 pearls are also over 300 beads with Glow in the dark effect. The ironing beads are inserted on one of the two plug-in plates. Then the iron-on bead image is ironed with an adult and the most beautiful unicorns are done. The Simba Toys Unicorn Fun Unicorns set is suitable for ages 3 and up.Product Weight278Product Dimensions3.1x29.5x19.7
Brand Information
Simba Dickie Group manufacture a wide variety of preschool toys under their umbrella, falling in categories such as toy cars (Dickie), dolls and baby preschool toys. Their products are affordable and of high quality. Their back to school collection is vast using multiple textiles to create eye-catching designs so children can enjoy their backpacks while going to school.