Rubies Costumes Disney Peter Pan Costume Boy Age 5-6Y

Type: Fashion

If you have no plans to ever grow up, round up your friends and make a bee line for Neverland! Suited in this Peter Pan printed suit, you'll fall under Tinker Bell's spell. All it takes is faith and trust and just a little bit of pixie dust!

Includes: Printed top, trousers, EVA dagger, hat.ÌĮÕ̠‰۪ÌĉÛÊ̢‰â‰ã¢ÌĮÕÌâå¢ÌÄå¢̢‰âÂ?ÁÌâåÂÌĉÛ_ÌâåÁÌĮÕ̠‰۪ÌÄå¢̢‰Û_åÂÌÉåÁÌĮÕ̢‰âÂ?ÁÌĉÛ_Ìâ ÌĮÕ̠‰۪ÌĉÛÊ̢‰â‰ã¢ÌĮÕÌâå¢ÌÄå¢̢‰âÂ?ÁÌâåÂÌĉÛ_ÌâåÁÌĮÕ̠‰۪ÌÄå¢̢‰Û_åÂÌÉåÁÌĮÕ̢‰âÂ?ÁÌĉÛ_Ìâ

Sizes (UK):

  • Small - 3-4 yrs / 104cm x 51cm (approx H x W)
  • Medium - 5-6 yrs / 116cm x 53cm (approx H x W)
  • Large - 7-8 yrs / 128cm x 56cm (approx H x W)
Brand Information Rubies is the world famous for its large range of halloween costumes and products. Their multiple costumes under multiple licenses are an enticing buy for children who want to engage in role play. Their products are designed in the United States and are made of the highest quality materials to ensure that the costumes can be used over and over again.