Rascal+Friends Premium Adhesive Walker Kids Nappy Diapers Size 5 (13-18 Kgs) - 32 Pieces

Type: Diapering

Every parent needs a diaper that can handle the realities of messy life (we get it, we’re parents too!)
That’s why we spent years engineering what we believe are the best baby products around. Our premium diapers are made with seriously good features to handle wriggly, crawling, climbing little humans, and our sensitive baby wipes will help you tackle the mess.
We’ve got you covered for life’s messiest moments.

- No Nasties- It’s our simple way of saying that our products are made with none of the bad stuff – they don’t include any harsh chemicals, latex, lotions or fragrances.Instead, we use feather soft materials, water-based inks and are dermatologically certified to be safe and ultra gentle on sensitive skin. We’re serious, you won’t find any nasty ingredients hidden in our products! No nasties, just love.
- Does not contain any chemicals
- Good water absorption and good adhesion
- Additional protection against leakage - Good air permeability
- Unique Core 3D Technology- Get advanced absorption and overnight leak protection with Rascal + Friends premium diapers.

Brand Information:
Rascal + Friends was the brainchild of a Mum who dreamt of a diaper that checked all the boxes: affordable, perform exceptionally and ultra gentle on skin.
After testing hundreds of designs, we landed on what we believe is the best diaper in town. We make diapers made to move in, that are free from nasties, deliciously soft, fit like a dream and don’t cost a butt-load.
Because we don’t know about you, but we think life’s messy enough without having to deal with poo everywhere too!

Customer Reviews

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Elizabeth Mugambi
will give you 5000 points for free(equal to KSH50) that you can use in your next order. What do...

I love the diaper, quality is great 👍

Kate Flores

am here for long time relationship and a rightful man that will stay with me forever

Excellent Diapers

Have been using them since baby was born. The best diapers currently available!

Josephine Wairimu
Great review

I'm a very satisfied customer, I had been experiencing leakage for my babies diapers, which was resolved by rascal and friends diapers.fitting is great 👍


Rascal+Friends Premium Adhesive Walker Kids Nappy Diapers Size 5 (13-18 Kgs) - 32 Pieces