Playmobil Purrfect Stay Cat Boarding 4Y+

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Type: Toys

Now you can build a wonderfully perfect and cozy home for your furry friends with the PLAYMOBIL 9276 Perfect Stay Cat boarding playset. Here they will have a lot of things to play with like wool, a ball, and a cat tress as well on which they can go from the cat flap. This set also includes food for when its time to feed them, a blanket-lined basket for sleep time, and many other accessories.

• Contains a lot of things for the pet cat to play with like wool, balls, a cat tree, and a cat flap.
• It also has food, a blanket-lined basket, and many other accessories.

Brand Information
Since 1974, PLAYMOBIL has become a classic sensation throughout kids’ playrooms. Be it pirate ships to hospitals to kitchen, they have it all. They made almost 3.5 billion beloved figures with their iconic smile all around the world. They have a unique play principle that stimulates imagination and creativity. This promotes child development as well. Their creative team is committed to developing new ideas and enhancements constantly that will bring long-lasting fun for children everywhere.