Playmobil Lion Enclosure 18m+

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Type: Toys

One of the most majestic and popular animals one can find in the zoo is the Lion. all visitors will have a great view of all the wild animals. This way, they can study them in detail as well. The Lion family has a lot of room to relax in the spacious outdoor enclosure. There are squirrels on the tree as well that can observe the Lions from a safe distance. You can feed the family of the Lions as well. There are two PLAYMOBIL figures, one wooden walk away with a rock portal. The playset also contains four lions, two squirrels, one heron, one salamander, and a large wooden observation path can also be built. It can also be combined with the Large City Zoo playest and the wooden observation can be used in extension with Zoo Viewing Platform.

• Contains 2 figures, one wooden walk away with a rock portal, 4 lions, one heron, one salamander, and 2 squirrels.
• Dimensions: 37L X 27W X 15Hcm
• Can be combined with a Large City Zoo playset.

Brand Information
Since 1974, PLAYMOBIL has become a classic sensation throughout kids’ playrooms. Be it pirate ships to hospitals to kitchen, they have it all. They made almost 3.5 billion beloved figures with their iconic smile all around the world. They have a unique play principle that stimulates imagination and creativity. This promotes child development as well. Their creative team is committed to developing new ideas and enhancements constantly that will bring long-lasting fun for children everywhere.