Pibi Kids Push & Friction Powered Monster Truck with Color Box Assorted Age- 3 Years & Above

by Pibi
Type: Toys

Pibi monster truck toys adopts high quality inflatable rubber wheels, anti-skid, shock resistant, strong grip, easily to cross the grass, sand, wet mud and marshy land. It can be taken to park, beach, camping and other places to play. Suitable for your kids to build a game inside house or outside, to gain more fun in leisure hours. These stylish car toys are simple to use and fun for playing time. They will brighten up not only your home but outside and make everyday a fun day!

Product Dimensions: 9 x 8 cm

• These monster truck toys come in 4 four different eye-catching bright colours: red, purple, green, orange, stimulating toddlers' recognition of colour, also make the children's room full of vitality. With these monster toy trucks, your kids will be allowed to race together indoor, or outdoor as in yard, park to gain more fun in the playing time.
• These truck toys with strong power 4 wheel inertia drive, just press the vehicle down and move it back slightly to get strong power, then release them quickly, these cars will run to all-direction with strong inertia power, double sides running, forward, backward, turn left, turn right, it keep on going no matter what it hits, give you a different cool experience.
• STUNT 360° ROTATING- Different from ordinary truck toys, these friction toy cars can roll forward and backward to rev up their power, just push the toy trucks hard to revolve the wheels, then put the car upright can easily achieve 360° rotating stunt. Your younger child can easily master this cool stunt show and enjoy these cars all around the house for hours of fun. Popular toddler toys, suitable for your kids or toy cars lover.
• 4 wheel inertia drive monster toy trucks are made of durable ABS plastic, with anti-collision protection, environment friendly and safely. And designed with 4 shockproof springs, which will eliminate the vibration of uneven road surface and make driving more stable. High quality inflatable rubber wheels, anti-skid, shock resistant, with strong grip, being capable of driving stably in all terrains like beach, sand, grass or road.
• Anti-collision, Anti-fall Protection Material- The frame of monster truck can protect the body and avoid collisions. Car's body use high dense and tenacious plastic, it won’t be damaged even if fall off from a high table.
• High-quality Wheels- High elastic rubber wheels make a strong friction with ground, which will get the toy car cross over small objects easily.
• Shock-absorbing Design- With 4 shock-absorbing springs, which will eliminate the vibration of uneven road surface and make driving more smoothly.
• Friction Powered, No Battery Needed- Four-wheel inertial driving car, no need to provide batteries, push forward or backward, you can drive, inspire children's practical ability and thinking ability.
• Comes with Color Packaging Box
• A Great Gift for Kids-Our monster truck is a great gift for children. Prefect toys set as your special gift for boys and girls in Birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day or any other festival. Funny and amazing, your kids would definitely love it.

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