Organix Cereals Stgage-3 Banana, Peach & Apple Muesli 200g 10m+

by Organix
Type: Feeding

Try Organix’s banana, peach, and apple muesli baby food for the kids’ happy start of the day. Loaded with the goodness of all the natural ingredients with no preservatives or artificial color and flavors, the kids will love the food with real fruit pieces, puffed rice, and wholegrain oat flakes. It does not contain any added salt or sugar. Get the little one chewing with the good nutrition-stuffed baby breakfast by Organix. Simply mix it with the baby’s usual milk and the breakfast is ready to eat! Give your precious little ones Organix banana, peach, and apple muesli cereal to develop their taste buds.

•Made of 100% natural ingredients.
•Ingredients: wholegrain oat flakes 64%, wholegrain rye flour 12%, banana flakes 11%, puffed rice 5%, peach flames, dried apples, and thiamin(vitamin B1).
•The baby food is 100% free from preservatives, artificial colors, and flavors, with no salt or sugar present in it.
•It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
•Contains all the goodness of real fruits.
•Available in a 200g pack.
•Ideal for 10+ months kids.
•Nutrition information: energy 192Kcal, fat 5.3g, carbohydrates 30g, sugar 12g, fibre 4.1g.

Brand Information
Organix is a children’s food brand making delicious and nutrition-filled baby food since the brand’s inception in 1992. The company has grown to become the UK's number one baby food company. Trusted by parents across the globe, Organix produces organic toddler food, food for infants, and delicious finger snacks to give the healthier option of eating to the little ones. Give your kids the yummiest and healthiest snacks and food with Organix’s extensive range of yummy food options to choose from.