Organix Cereals Stage-2 Multigrain Porridge 200g 7m+

by Organix
Type: Feeding

The stage 2 Organix’s baby porridge comes with the goodness of multigrain cereals. The perfect texture and consistency with small pieces and crispy bites encourage the little ones to chew and enjoy the deliciously tasty and soft texture of the baby food. It is made with 100% organic ingredients•oat flour, oat flakes, wheat flour, rye flour, and thiamin. With no added salt, sugar, artificial color, flavor, or preservatives, the little ones’ meal times become happy, tasty, and filled with nutrition. This microwave-safe baby food is ideal for 7+ months of little beans. As a safety measure, always ensure the kids are sitting down and eating the food under adults’ supervision.

•The organic ingredients in the porridge- wholegrain oat flour 28%, wholegrain oat flakes 25%, wheat flour 24.5%, wholegrain rye flour 17.5%, puffed cornflour 2%, thiamin<0.1%.
•Made with 100% organic ingredients of the finest quality.
•May contain nuts.
•Porridge contains oats, rye, and wheat.
•The porridge is free from sugar and salt-free.
•It is free from any kind of artificial color or flavor as well as preservatives.
•This delicious product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
•Ideal for the little tummies of 7+ month babies.

Brand Information
Organix is a children’s food brand making delicious and nutrition-filled baby food since the brand’s inception in 1992. The company has grown to become the UK's number one baby food company. Trusted by parents across the globe, Organix produces organic toddler food, food for infants, and delicious finger snacks to give the healthier option of eating to the little ones. Give your kids the yummiest and healthiest snacks and food with Organix’s extensive range of yummy food options to choose from.