Organix Apple Rice Cakes 50g 7m+

by Organix
Type: Feeding

The apple rice cakes by Organix are the yummiest snack gently puffed into circles for the kids to hold, grab and eat with convenience. Made by adding real apple juice and a little bit of spice to the rice flour, these delicious apple and cinnamon rice cakes make the munching fun-filled and deliciously tasty in every way! The rice cakes are light-weight, fruity, and delicious, and awarded the best toddler/baby snack at the loved by parents awards in 2019. Give the deliciously made apple rice cakes to the toddlers made from 100% organic ingredients with no presence of artificial flavor, color, or preservatives.

•Made with key ingredients of rice, apple juice concentrate, and thiamin.
•Ideal for 7+ months toddlers to develop healthy eating and promote healthy growth and development of the body.
•Contains no additives, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.
•Gently baked into chunky circles for easy holding and munching for the little ones.
•The cakes are sugar-free and salt-free.
•The parents should read the label carefully before use.
•Keep away from direct sunlight and out of children’s reach.
•Other available flavors: carrot and tomato, banana, and cherry.

Brand Information
Organix is a children’s food brand making delicious and nutrition-filled baby food since the brand’s inception in 1992. The company has grown to become the UK's number one baby food company. Trusted by parents across the globe, Organix produces organic toddler food, food for infants, and delicious finger snacks to give the healthier option of eating to the little ones. Give your kids the yummiest and healthiest snacks and food with Organix’s extensive range of yummy food options to choose from.