Nestle Lactogen Stage-2 Follow-Up Infant Formula Powder 400g 6m+

by Nestle

Nestle lactogen follow-up formula, stage 2, is spray-dried for infants of 6+ months that are not breastfed. With the natural goodness of milk solids, maltodextrin, dried glucose syrup, oil mix, emulsifier, minerals, vitamins, and acidity regulators, the baby milk formula is the source of the little one’s nourishment. Use clean and sterilized utensils to make the milk. Parents are recommended to add only mentioned scoops for preparing the mixture as using more scoops than directed makes the feed concentrated. Using less scoop will not offer enough nutrition to the baby. Prepare only one feed at a time by following the instructions.

•The infant baby powder includes multi-minerals, multivitamins, antioxidants, required fatty acids, and essential proteins for the healthy growth and development of the little ones.
•Calcium strengthens the bones while folic acid ensures healthy development and functioning of the brain.
•The addition of folic acid strengthens the baby’s immune system.
•The follow-up milk formula is designed to provide all the essential nutrients to the baby.
•The 100% vegetarian formula is available in a 400g pack.
•Suitable for kids of 6+ months when they are not breastfed.

Brand Information
Nestle is a world-renowned multinational food and drinks company with headquarters in Vevey, Vaud, Switzerland. As the largest food company in the world, Nestle ensures quality products for kids and adults around the world aiming to provide the finest product for overall growth and development. Trusted by people across the globe, get the best of both, taste and nutrition, with Nestle’s wide range of food and drink products with the focus on the betterment of nutrition, health, and wellness as per changing lifestyles.