Neli & Co Bamboo Eco Nappies Medium 34 Pieces


Neli & Co nappies are incredibly absorbent, ultra soft, gentle and free from nasty chemicals. Bamboo wicks liquid away quickly, and has natural antibacterial, anti-fungal and temperature regulating properties; all of which help keep nappy rash at bay…plus its super smooth and silky making it ultra-comfortable on bottoms!

The wood pulp in our core is free of both chlorine and chlorine dioxide and you can rest assured our nappies are also free from Alcohol, Latex or PVC, TBT, Perfumes & Lotions, Phthalates and dyes which are common in industry standard products. Now you and your child can sleep easy at night knowing there are no nasty chemicals against their skin and they’ve got 12 hours leak-free protection.

Customer Reviews

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Love this brand

We used the Mediums from about 3 months to 7 months, love them!

Catherine Njoki

I love them

Peris Njeri
The one for 34pcs were ok

For the pants large size reacted with my toddler.she got serious rashes .

James Muigai

Best place to shop for baby

Best diapers so far!!

These diapers are sooo good! We use them for night time. They've got superior absorption - my baby wakes up dry - no leaks, no rashes, and it's true when they say the dryness is upto 12hrs! We are now sleeping for longer time at night because baby is comfortable 😌 I've tried superior brands I.e the pampers premium but they were still leaking leaking lot at night. These bamboo nappies have surpassed my expectations. The material, so soft 👌🏾 the fit? Perfect! No leaks 👌🏾 they have a wetness indicator too. What else could you ask for? We're going to be sticking to these for nights now 😊