Molfix Pant Junior X Large 52 pack

by Molfix
Type: Diapering

For mothers who seek comfort and convenience for their baby’s diaper changing session, molfix is the answer you are seeking. Designed with the latest technology, our diaper pants are soft and offer utmost comfort, encouraging the free movements of your baby. With two-layer protection, there is no stress of leakage. The sidebands hug the baby comfortably and adapt the baby’s waist to provide comfort throughout the day. The new molfix diaper pants are super-absorbent, it quickly absorbs all the wetness, keeping the baby’s skin dry and fresh. Even after long hours of use, the diaper pant does not get soggy.

-Ideal for babies having 4+kg weight
-Protects against leakage for up to 24 hours
-An extra green layer soaks up the fluid, keeping the baby’s skin dry and safe
-Clinically tested and proven, Molfix diaper pants are cruelty-free
-Contains no traces of paraben, latex, sulfates, or any harmful substances
-Super flexible elastic bands provide comfort to the baby’s movements
-The diaper pants are skin-friendly and suitable for newborns as well as babies having sensitive skin
-Made with 3D technology, Molfix diapers do not get soggy or heavy

Brand Information
As a diaper company, Molfix strives to constantly improve the diaper solutions to provide extreme comfort for the babies and ease the diaper changes sesh for the mothers. Our wide range of baby care products like baby care towels, baby diapers, diaper pants, and wet towels are designed to offer complete care for your baby. With no harmful substances and chemicals, our gentle and natural baby products are the best choice for the health and safety of your baby’s gentle skin. Join the wagon of smart moms and choose Molfix diaper pants for your little angels.