Mattel Fisher-Price Peek & Play Panda Mirror 3m+

by Mattel
Type: Toys

The Sweet Panda pal is here with its mirrored face for some tummy time with the Peek & Play Panda Mirror. Now, your baby can gaze down at the panda only to realize that they are staring at their very own cute reflection. This toy is perfect for baby’s tummy time or even for on-the-go fun. The panda mirror is easy to grab for the little hands. It also has ribbons just for some more fun. It also helps in developing the baby’s visual skills. Suitable for babies aged 3 months and above.

• Easy to grab handle.
• Perfect for tummy time and on-the-go fun.
• Includes ribbons as well for added fun.
• Helps in developing visual skills.
• Suitable for 3 months and above.

Brand Information
Mattel is one of the popular brand among childern. It's material have been the best since decades now. It's non-toxic and eco-friendly products have created a competition among many brands. Children love to use Mattel products and Mattel is keeping their trust by being honest with their materials and creating famous minifigures.