Lego Olivia'S Flamingo Cube

by Lego
Type: Toys

Give kids an unexpected treat with LegoFriends Olivia's Flamingo Cube. The cute case features a flamingo face and is topped with textile feathers. Inside the box is the popular Lego Friends Olivia toy, flamingo and frog figures, plus a host of other accessories to spark creative play. Make-believe on the move This portable playset will help kids while away long journeys. Their imaginations will run wild as they play with the toy flamingo in the jungle setting. All the elements pack away into the durable, pink case and because they are made from Lego pieces the mini-dolls and features fix onto the base so they shouldn't go missing on kids' travels. Like and share Lego Friends Cubes are packed with play value making them great birthday gifts for kids' classmates. The cubes are small enough to pop in a bag for a playdate or recess fun at school.