Lego City Passenger Train Building Set 6-12Y

by Lego
Type: Toys

Start an amazing journey to the Lego Heartlake City with the passenger train! This set includes a motorized engine with 10-speed Bluetooth remote control, be in control of your train at all times! The driver’s engine has opening windows to enjoy nature while traveling. The train set features 2 cars with removable roofs, seats, and tables as well. The train tracks have 16 curved and 4 straight rails for a long journey to imaginative places to create amazing memories! The buildable platform comes with 2 seats and a train service map, 4 Lego mini figurines, and a train signal. Keep your platform hustling with the passengers and let your kids be lost in hours of role-playing out the real-world scenarios of the passenger train adventures!

• Climb the passenger train and start your journey to unexplored destinations for thrilling adventures with the Lego Passenger train toy set.
• Inclusive of a motor engine with remote control.
• Features 4 Lego Mini-figures.
• The buildable platforms consist of 2 seats with a train service map, train signal to stop the train and board and drop the passengers.
• The train track has 16 curved and 4 straight rails.
• The train cars have removable roofs, seats, and tables.
• Additional accessories include a hot dog, croissant, 3 mugs, 3 muffins, a messenger box, and a suitcase.
• Have fun for hours with the passenger train set.
• Control the train with 10-speed Bluetooth remote control.

Brand Information
The LEGO Group founded in 1958, has been consistently providing attractively engaging toy sets for kids around the world. Each brick and block of every toy set is met by the highest quality and safety standards to make sure your kids get the best toys and have the most amazing experiences playing with them. LEGO fun toys meet the company’s own specific set standards as well as the industry criteria. Each brick is easy to attach, and pull apart and is tested to the max to ensure they meet the highest safety standards. Let your builder have fun experiences with all the LEGO building kits.