Lego®City Passenger Airplane Building set 6Y+

by Lego

Manage the passengers during the holiday season with the LEGO City Passenger Airplane building set! The set comes with a huge aircraft with seats for the pilot and the passengers embarking on the adventurous journey with the airplane. The Lego TV singer Poppy Starr is included with the mini-figures. The plane also has space for carrying the singer’s red convertible automobile! The terminal building features a luggage conveyor and the control tower, with an airport truck and a vehicle elevator. Be lost in hours of imaginative play with the amazing characters, precisely detailed building, and cool accessories included in the playset. The simple instructions make the building easy and exciting for their budding builders!

• Get into the exciting world of LEGO with the LEgo city Passenger airplane toy set!
• Ideal for the kids of age 6 and above, this amazing playset insip[res the kid’s mind to be creative and independent while enacting the role play for an endless period.
• The 669-piece playset features a cool and large airplane with the seats for the pilot and the passengers’ mini-figures- which includes the LEGO city singer Poppy Starr!
• With the other cool elements- a terminal building that has a luggage conveyor belt and a control tower, make the adventure-filled flight to the world of imagination!
• The set also has an airport truck, a car elevator, airstairs, and a red convertible automobile of the famous singer.
• There are 8 mini-figures and a baby figure to make the play exciting with the fun characters!
• When builts, the passenger airplane measures over 18*54*44cm high, long, and wide, while the building is over 21*28*12cm high, wide, and deep.

Brand Information
The LEGO Group founded in 1958, has been consistently providing attractively engaging toy sets for kids around the world. Each brick and block of every toy set is met by the highest quality and safety standards to make sure your kids get the best toys and have the most amazing experiences playing with them. LEGO fun toys meet the company’s own specific set standards as well as the industry criteria. Each brick is easy to attach, and pull apart and is tested to the max to ensure they meet the highest safety standards. Let your builder have fun experiences with all the LEGO building kits.