Lego® Duplo® Tower Crane & Construction Playset 2Y+

by Lego
Type: Toys

The LEGO DUPLO Construction Tower Crane & Construction preschool playset contains vehicles, games, and characters that encourage role-playing and skill development. A busy construction site toy with lots of different ways to play. The bustling construction site offers a full day of activities for tiny construction workers to enjoy. Toddlers and parents may work together to carry supplies, erect a tower, and clear rubble from the street with a giant bulldozer, digger, dump truck, little bulldozer, and crane toys. There's also an on-site hotdog stand to visit when it's time for lunch! Set with a wide range of features. The set fascinates, entertains, and inspires young imaginations with 5 contemporary characters — a female painter and crane driver, two male construction workers, and a hotdog guy – as well as tonnes of fascinating elements including light and sound bricks and the bulldozer's push-and-go friction motor. Combine it with other LEGO DUPLO Construction kits to extend the play benefits even more.

• The LEGO DUPLO Construction Tower Crane & Construction playset is a busy construction site with fantastic vehicles, awesome activities, and a wide cast of people to encourage role-playing and skill development.
• Includes 5 modern people and 4 vehicles (a giant bulldozer, little bulldozer, dump truck, digger, and crane) with exciting features including a Push & Go friction motor, sounds, lights, and a working winch.
This feature-packed building-site toy includes everything a young construction worker aged 2 and up would want from a hands-on, working digger set, making it the ultimate gift for a toddler's expanding demands.
• As the children use the crane to hoist the toilet building into place, distribute supplies, and remove rubble off the street, lights and sound bring the busy site to life. When it's time to take a break, stop by the hotdog stand!
• The lights and noises are powered by three LR41 (button cell) and three LR44 (button cell) – all of which are included with the package.
• With familiar settings, entertaining characters, and toddler-friendly parts, LEGO® DUPLO® open-ended playsets are designed to delight, stimulate, and inspire preschoolers' minds.

Brand Information
The LEGO group is based in Billund, Denmark and is still privately held by the Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen family, who founded it in 1932. Lego has played an instrumental role in getting children to explore their creativity by giving them the building blocks needed to build anything that comes to mind. All LEGO® components fulfill stringent industry quality standards. LEGO’s quality promise ensure that they are consistent, compatible and connect and pull apart perfectly every time. LEGO® components undergo drop, squash, twist, heat, bite, bend, scrape, and stretch tests to ensure the highest global safety and quality requirements.