Lego® Duplo® Modular Playhouse Playset 2Y+

by Lego
Type: Toys

Playing house with the kids is a lot of fun! You can join in the fun, too, with this simple-to-assemble, open, and accessible dollhouse. Playset for a large family dollhouse This bright, modern dollhouse for toddlers offers plenty of opportunity to play and learn. Teach toddlers about ordinary living through imaginative role-playing, such as cooking, meals, and bedtime rituals. There are adult male, adult female, and child figures, as well as a pet dog and a teddy bear, all of which are meant to instil a sense of security in toddlers. You'll enjoy numerous precious developmental moments as you explore play possibilities together, filled with familiar details and limitless pleasure.You may also rebuild the same components as a tower home and then as a residential house for even more fun! For toddlers, this is a fantastic educational toy. LEGO® DUPLO® learning toys enable kids hands-on, open-ended role-play enjoyment with infinite developmental benefits thanks to recognisable characters and familiar scenarios.

With this easy-to-assemble, open, and accessible 3-in-1 playhouse playset, toddlers develop fine motor, social, and emotional abilities as they build, play, redesign, and play again.
• This multipurpose playhouse has a kitchen, a living area, a bathroom, and a bedroom. It contains a lot of genuine details, such as a working refrigerator. Adult female and male figures, as well as child, dog, and teddy bear figures, are available, along with a range of entertaining accessories. With this 3-in-1 playhouse, kids will enjoy acting out fantastic scenarios. This fantastic present for toddlers aged 2 and above allows them to explore, discover, and learn a lot.
• Powered by the imaginations of children! Hands-on, battery-free toys help children develop their creative, imaginative, and practical skills while also providing them with the gratification of 'doing it myself.'
• Introduce toddlers to learning through open-ended creative play that engages their young minds. With familiar locations, humorous characters, and easy-to-handle components, LEGO® DUPLO® playsets are wonderful first building toys for toddlers.

Brand Information
The LEGO group is based in Billund, Denmark and is still privately held by the Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen family, who founded it in 1932. Lego has played an instrumental role in getting children to explore their creativity by giving them the building blocks needed to build anything that comes to mind. All LEGO® components fulfill stringent industry quality standards. LEGO’s quality promise ensure that they are consistent, compatible and connect and pull apart perfectly every time. LEGO® components undergo drop, squash, twist, heat, bite, bend, scrape, and stretch tests to ensure the highest global safety and quality requirements.